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High-volume bird shooting, Wingshooting, Driven birds

Pigeon: Introduction

Pigeons are docile and small-billed birds which are found globally everywhere except on the cold places and remote zones. Pigeon hunting, for either wood or dove, is an excellent way to spend a day out in a field, behind a well disguised blind, tuning into your high-volume bird shooting skills. Pigeons, either alone or in a flock search for young, budding vegetation and seeds as a main source of nutrients and can be best found where young crops are growing. Overall spending a day spotting and hunting pigeon makes a splendid day trip!

Pigeon Hunting 

As autumn approaches pigeon starts to feed on various nuts, berries, and trees. When pigeons spot and approach decoys set in the proper range of the hideout, accuracy, and timing make this a skilled game for any wingshooter. Unlike the pigeons found in front of the subway station, nonthreatened by people passing by, their rural kin is extremely spooky.

With keen eyesight and an interest in being near other pigeons, it will approach the decoys with great curiosity. Wingshooters watching the incoming pigeon must identify the moment the pigeon realizes he has been fooled, and act swiftly behind the hide to shoot before the pigeon retreats from the trap. This tactic will make your hunt more successful.

Some premier wingshooting destinations for Pigeon hunting

Pigeon hunting is dominantly practiced in three premier wingshooting destinations:

  • England boasts about many hunting lodges, historic estates, and outfitters offering the finest common wood pigeon and dove hunts.

  • Argentina has some of the best hunting lodges offering the best pigeon, duck and dove hunts. Bolivia Lodge of Argentina is one of the most popular wingshooting lodges in Argentina.

  • Pigeon hunting in Mexico is eminent worldwide and in the bucket list of many enthusiastic wingshooters. Food grain crops and fertile valley landscapes in Mexico is responsible for attracting millions of pigeons and doves every year. White-winged dove, mourning dove, and rock pigeon are some of the common pigeon species hunted by the wingshooters. 

Pigeon Hunting in Scotland: Scotland is a renowned pigeon hunting country and offers a premier wingshooting experience to the hunter. Pigeon Hunting in many countries is done with the help of two hunting methods, namely:

  • Decoying: A pigeon hunting method in which a toy/dummy pigeon is used to attract the pigeons flying around in a specific area from where they can be shot.

  • Roost Shooting: A roost is a type of shelter with perches for fowl and other birds. In roost shooting the hunters wait for the pigeons to get trap in the roost and hunt them at the right moment. 

Pigeon Hunting in Argentina: Argentina is a wonderous hunting and wingshooting destination where the hunter gets to experience luxury accommodation in a five star lodge, delicious cuisines and tremendous game populations. Argentina offers pigeon wingshooting trips for two sub-species of Pigeon:

  • Picazuro Pigeon Hunts

  • Spot-Winged Pigeon Hunts

The hunts are carried out in early mornings with the assistance of birds boys and a professional pigeon guide. After that you'll be having your lunch in the lodge and get back to hunting again. The pigeon hunting season runs from May 1st and runs till September 15th. Apart from great hunting you'll also be experiencing:

  • Five star accommodation in a luxurious lodge with high level of service, hospitality and plenty of amenities.

  • The Argentina dining experience in the hunting lodge will leave you flabbergasted by the taste of food prepared by internationally renowned chefs.

Basic Info

Varieties: Wood Pigeon, Dove

Scientific name: Columbia palumbus

Size: length: 38 – 44.5cm, wingspan: 68 – 80 cm

Weight: 490 g

Lifespan: 4 - 5 years

Methods: Wing shooting, Driven birds, High seat, Stalking, Walk-up

Countries: Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Australia