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Argentina Wingshooting

The owner says

"Argentina Wingshooting Lodge has it all: outstanding duck and dove shooting, superb hunting for perdiz over elegant, staunch pointing dogs, and great decoyed pigeon gunning. Add to this sumptuous accommodations, gourmet-quality food, and wines that would satisfy the most fastidious oenophile. What.s more, it.s all just a two-hour drive on excellent highways from the hotels of Buenos Aires. That eliminates the long drives or expensive charter flights far out over the pampas required to get to some duck and pigeon shooting resorts along with the complicated business of taking internal flights to reach your destination within Argentina along with the hassle of checking in guns and paying overweight baggage charges."


Location: Argentina Wingshooting is located in Entre Rios province of Argentina offering great wingshooting trips in Argentina.

About your host at Argentina Wingshooting: Team, Argentina Wingshooting. AWS Lodge is a modern country house situated in a middle of nature, surrounded by lakes, marshes, many species of vegetation, rivers, animals and over 360 species birds. Thousands of birds in the area and over 7 species of ducks alone.
And the most important: "Close to Buenos Aires", just 2 hrs drive by car from the hotels in Buenos Aires, which eliminates the following: Airplanes in-country, weather delays and cancelations, long travel schedules, extra airplane cost, extra baggage charges and your time. Again, just 2 hours 40 minutes to be here direct from the Buenos Aires airport, or 2 hrs from the hotels.

Hunting experience at Argentina Wingshooting: As all knows, the primary attraction on AWS lodge is over-the-top duck shooting, although fantastic dove shooting is much sought after, too, in combo packages or as stand-alone dove adventures. AWS Lodge has access to over 1 million acres of prime territory, much of which is marshland. The duck hunting area lies in the province of Entre Rios, which is a flat, alluvial plain situated between the Parana and Uruguay rivers. The Parana is the widest river in the world, at some places measuring over 25 miles across. In its delta there are literally thousands of small islands. This is some of the duckiest territory in the world, and AWS Lodge controls access to some of the best of it. We also provide pigeon and dove hunts. Click here for quick link country guide.

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