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Hunting trips in Argentina: known for millions of doves and pigeons, red stags and fly fishing

In this gargantuan South American terrain, dove is the main quarry of choice for your hunting trip. Ride across the plains, find your ground, and hold your weapon. They will swoosh over you in the hundreds, doves and pigeons abundant. The central provinces of Santa Fe and Santiago del Estero are famous for their early bird shoots that curtain the sky to the point you will not know where to begin. Testing your hand eye coordination and selecting your birds brings a new thrill to the game.
In its immensity, Argentina hosts an assortment of big game such as free range red stags which stray along the valleys of Patagonia, contrasting with the soaring snow-tipped Cuernos del Paine mountains. With landscapes that could be found in the four different corners of the world, fly-fishing is king here. Branching streams flow over the tundra where the fierce golden dorado will put up a fantastic show the instant you tug the fly. For the best trophy sea run brown trout, hit the clear water of crisp temperatures of Rio Grande, home to 5 world records which makes it the ideal fishing trip.

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