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Stalking, Bowhunting, Driven big game, Safari, Hunting from a Blind


Sharpen your steak knives- you're going to need them after hunting the incredible eland, the giant antelope of Africa. Elands graze non-stop to get to the unbeatable size that they are; weighing in well over 400 kilograms. The largest males topple 900 kg, with record-size horns over 60 centimetres.

It is by far one of Africa's most beloved safaris, attracting worldwide attention to their size, trophy horns and delicious venison. Safari stories for Eland are always full of surprise and adventure, too. Eland are hunting trophies of spooky, attentive and elusive nature. If one jumps, they all jump, and can run great distances without end. A wounded eland can give a hunting party a long, strenuous retrieve, making it absolutely necessary to have a spot-on shot. Bow hunting for Eland is possible for the most skilled and patient stalkers- and like all hunters, waiting for the perfect quarter or broadside shot is the only way to take down the largest antelope species in the world. An Eland safari is by far one of Africa’s top, priceless experiences not to be passed up.

Eland Hunting

The Cape Eland of South Africa is one of the most sought after hunt weighing immensely over 2000 pounds. The Cape Eland comes in the category of largest hunting animals of Africa and is found in open woodlands and flatland regions. Just like other hunts of Africa, Eland also roam in herds and feed on vegetation around them. Being vast in size, this plain game hunt can jump as high as 7 feet and are natural fast escapers. Choosing the right rifle for hunting eland is one of the first stage of hunting. The shot placement for hunting a eland should be made in such way that the hunting rifle should target the lower region of eland: few inches to the left or right side of eland. 

Where you can hunt Eland?

Eland trophy hunts are carried out in following hunting regions:

  • Namibia: Namibia is home to many great trophy hunts and is renowned for offering high quality cape eland hunting in its public and private hunting regions.

  • Botswana: You can bag a great eland hunt in Botswana as it private properties caters for the finest trophy eland hunting opportunities.

  • South Africa: South Africa is the mecca of big game hunting and offers the largest eland trophy hunts throughout the hunting season. Cape Eland is one of the most sought after hunt of South Africa.

  • Zimbabwe: The south part of Zimbabwe offers great eland trophy hunts. The hunting conditions and methods remain same to those of South Africa.

  • Mozambique: The north, south and central regions of Mozambique offers exceptional eland trophy hunts throughout the hunting season.

  • Tanzania: Tanzania is another great destination to go for an astounding trophy hunt for eland. The country holds record for the largest eland trophies and caters exception hunting opportunities.

  • Cameroon: The Republic of Cameroon is home to some of the giant elands in the world and can make your dream hunt come true.

  • Central African Republic: This country also offers the finest trophy eland hunting in its wild hunting terrains.

How to hunt Eland?

Elands are large plains game hunt of Africa and can jump insanely high. This makes eland hunt bit difficult and involves lot of stalking: a traditional hunting method. Other hunting methods to bag a great eland hunt are:

  • Bow Hunting

  • Rifle Hunting

  • Driven Big Hunting

  • Hunting from Blinds

Basic Info

Varieties: Giant Eland, Cape Eland

Scientific name: Taurotragus

Size: height: male 1.6 m, female 1.4 m

Weight: 500 – 600 kg

Lifespan: 20 years

Methods: Bow hunting, Hunting from a blind, Safari, Driven big game, Highseat, Stalking,

Continent(s): Africa

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