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Alaska Fair Chase Guiding

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Welcome to Alaska Fair Chase Guiding! My name is Larry Benda. I have lived & hunted in the Chilkat Valley (Haines, Alaska), for many years. I am registered guide # 1071. The intention of the following information is to introduce myself to prospective experienced hunting clients. I would like to convey an understanding of my style of hunting, while allowing future clients to gain perspective of myself a as guide & hunting companion.

My hunts are not luxury hunts. They are dedicated serious adventures with a goal of providing what I feel is the best opportunity to safely acquire the game we seek. My volume of business is purposely low to accommodate personalized attention to each client. The hunt areas are UNIT 1-D and 1-C, Costal Mainland, and Northern Southeast Alaska.


Your host at Alaska Fair Chase Guiding: Larry Benda, Master Guide. Guiding hunters can be a rewarding & adventurous lifestyle. It also has the potential of being frustrating & dangerous. It is my policy to only guide experienced hunters who have a genuine love for and respect for the outdoors and the game they seek. I do not guide in or near populated areas. The consumption of alcohol in camp is highly discouraged. No exceptions will be made concerning hunting regulations, and I reserve the right to terminate any hunt at any time if my client should demonstrate disregard for firearm safety, hunting ethics or regulations. In the event of such a termination, all hunt fees will be forfeited by the hunter. All clients must agree to this policy prior to sending a hunt deposit.

Hunting experience at Alaska Fair Chase Guiding: We target big game species mainly: Black and Brown Bear, Mountain Goat and Wolf. All my Brown Bear hunts are one-on-one hunts. The bear population in this area of Southeast Alaska is very strong, with trophy averages of 8 to 10 ft. Sucess Ratio: 90%. Spring hunts in May involve glassing grass flats & exposed snow slides. Bears are feeding on new vegetation , winter killed moose, goat, and various roots. Females are coming into heat and males spend much time seeking them out. Spring hunts are my personal favorites, because of long daylight hours and mild weather. Southeast Alaska has the largest Black Bear taken (on average) anywhere in North America. Bears typically range from 6 1/2 feet to 7 1/2 feet squared, with an occasional 8 footer. Off-colored, or cinnamon bears are quite frequent in certain areas. The success rates are very good, well over 95%. Late April through May is prime time to spot & stalk your trophy Black Bear, as they forage along the shorelines and grassy lowlands. The Goat population in this area is very healthy. It produces billies in the 9" - 10" class. Sucess ratio 95%. Southeast Alaska goat hunters must choose between trophy quality or weather conditions. Earlier season hunts have better weather, but shorter- haired goats. Late season hunts for longer-haired goats have a better chance of bad weather. Click here for quick link country guide.

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