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A Georgia Tradition

Walking a landscape with a team of well trained dogs is one of the purest forms of hunting, but all over the world there are nuances to be found. In Georgia the tradition is to use English pointers, and to cover the ground on horseback or in a mule-drawn wagon while the dogs work, and the quarry is the bobwhite quail. 

People have been hunting quail in this way for more than 150 years, and at Pine Hill Plantation not much has changed in that time. The quail have lived in the longleaf pine forest since before the first Europeans arrived, and Pine Hill's careful management ensures that they continue to do so.

These birds sit, huddled together in groups, and often don't break til the very last moment. There's nothing quite like the sudden rush of adrenaline that accompanies the explosion of a tightly packed bobwhite quail covey from beneath your very boot.


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