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4J Ranch

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4J offers a variety of methods for wild hog hunting. The ranch has hog hunts all year. We offer a Spot and Stalk wild hog hunt, a Wild Hog Shoot, and a ground Blind Hunt. For the Spot and Stalk hunt, a 4J guide takes hog hunters into the river bottom woods during the day. The hunters will be on foot and/or in ATV. Wild hogs are smart enough to avoid hunters by hiding in the brush. It is a challenge to locate and jump up a wild hog hiding in the underbrush. When a wild hog is driven out of a bush, it will run at full speed. For success, hunters should use a rapid firing weapon (semi auto, lever action, or pump) without a scope. Typically, during the spot and stalk hog hunt, each hunter shoots thirty or more rounds of ammo.

The Wild Hog Shoot is an exciting and challenging shooting experience. This hunt is configured for a group of hunters standing next to each other while shooting at wild hog running. It is wild hog shoot is designed for shooters that want to take down 10-50 wild hogs in a one morning or afternoon. For the event, wild hogs are captured and delivered to a ranch hog holding pen. The hunters are positioned together in another area of the woods. A few wild hogs are then released into the woods. The wild hogs will run through the woods and eventually encounter the group of shooters. Hogs will be released until all of the wild hogs purchased are release. For those wild hogs that are wounded or take a different route, guides take hunters on foot to locate them. Normally, eight out of ten hogs released are taken. For success, hunters should use a rapid firing weapon (semi auto, lever action, or pump) without a scope. Each hunter typically goes through sixty rounds of ammo during this hunt.

Finally, we offer a wild hog ground Blind Hunt. Hunters are taken to a fully enclosed ground blind late in the afternoon. Wild hogs are nocturnal and more active after dark. The hunting area and blinds are configured with lights for the night hunt. Hunters do not need any lighting or night vision equipment to hunt from our blinds. Most of the hogs taken are between one hour before sunset to 9:PM. For this hunt, it is important to understand, it is hunting, hunter behavior and environmental conditions play a key role in success. Nights with a clear sky and a bright moon will be more successful.

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