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14 Ways to Make Your Eagle Review Listing Stand Out from the Crowd

By Zach Lazzari

Booking hunting and fishing trips is competitive and giving your listing an edge can make the difference between a full season and only a trickle of calls. It’s like being a superhost on Airbnb. You want your listing to get people excited by creating a buzz and really getting folks amped up about taking a trip. Use these tips to book your next season solid.

  1. Leverage Video. Great video content is a powerful marketing tool. Potential clients love clicking on a video and watching a hunt or fishing trip come together. Video content is frequently shared, easy to watch and is visually stimulating and engaging. If you aren’t using video, get started with a quality production piece. Carry an action camera and spend some time putting together a video that really shows the best of your operation and the experiences you share. Some of the best on location video’s in the world you can see here

  2. Build a virtual tour. Realtors use virtual tours because they put shoppers in the room. A tour of your lodge, facilities and rivers is a great way to put potential customers in your environment. This creates a greater level of comfort and builds confidence.

  3. Use killer photos. Hunting and fishing is all about the photos but go easy on the grip and grins. A few trophy animals or fish is just fine but also share the smiles, action shots and the scenery. Professional level photography is a must have in the hunting and fishing industry.

  4. Be honest! Honesty is critical for your long term reputation. Be honest about your facilities, the animals available and the fishing. Creating unrealistic expectations rarely has a good outcome. You can be honest while building excitement and hype around your business.

  5. Build a great base of reviews. High quality reviews are an absolute necessity and they will drive more leads. Great reviews are like a reference from a trusted friend. Ask all of your happy customers to leave a review and make it easy with templates and emails that link directly to your Eagle Review listing and review space. Quality reviews help you rank higher and they drive more business. See a great example of a listing with many reviews  here.

  6. Use emotion. You pour blood, sweat and tears into your outfitting business. Let your listing reflect the passion and motive behind the operation. Potential customers are attracted to enthusiasm and genuine passion in a hunting or fishing business.

  7. Tell a story. You started this outfit for a reason and every trip has a narrative. Tell a story that paints a vivid picture about the trip. Tell them about the smells, sights, sounds and the entire process behind a hunt or fishing trip. Using a narrative will activate the senses and get them excited about booking a trip. Use visual Storytelling by Eagle Review: an unique way to tell a story.

  8. Be unique. What makes your operation unique and different? It could be something simple like the special recipes used for breakfast or something complex like the way guides call elk. Share the things that make your outfit unique. If they can’t find it anywhere else, they are more likely to sway in your direction.

  9. Highlight the little things. On a hunting or fishing trip, the little things matter. Highlight the details that create a more comfortable, enjoyable experience. It could be hot coffee delivered to a wall tent before the hunt or a shower in the bush. The little things add up.

  10. Deliver and exceed expectations. If you create a great listing and actually deliver and exceed expectations, it will be reflected in your reviews and word of mouth referrals. Show them what to expect in your listing, then deliver to keep customers coming through the doors. This means carrying luggage when they arrive, helping them on and off planes and boats and being present and helpful every step of the way.

  11. Make their lives easy. Certain aspects of making a hunting or fishing trip are difficult. Traveling with equipment and firearms is not always easy, especially when coming and going in specific countries with strict regulations. Attract new guests by supplying gear and things that are a burden in their travels. The fewer things they have to pack and worry about the better off they are.

  12. Use excellent gear. Too many high end outfits supply low end equipment. Use the best gear available and let your potential customers know that your shop rods are Sage or another great brand. Set the bar high by making the investment in quality equipment.

  13. Offer options. Not every customer is the same and offering options is a huge plus in the hunting and fishing business. A hunter may want to bring along his or her significant other who is a non-hunter. What can they do besides sit around the lodge. Advertise simple add-ons like nature hikes, sightseeing tours anything extra that appeals to a broader audience. Appealing to couples with diverse interests expands your market and books more trips.

  14. Clean and organized. Show that your operation is clean and organized. While it sounds simple, demonstrating this in your photos and language is attractive. Keep in clean and you’ll find willing and happy customers.



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