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About Induna Safaris

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Location: Induna Safaris is situated in the malaria free Eastern Cape of South Africa, where we boast magnificent landscapes and some of the best Plains Game Hunting in the world.

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Bow hunting
Bow hunting
Driven big game
Driven big game
Hunting from a blind
Hunting from a blind

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Induna Safaris is located at Uitenhage, South Africa
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$1,025 From price per person per day

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  • Taxidermy: Visiting hunters are confronted with the decision to either have their trophies mounted in Africa or dipped and shipped to their favourite taxidermist back home. Although the taxidermy studios in South Africa offer quality service, we advise hunters to visit one or two taxidermists before making a decision on a taxidermist. From the displays and through detailed discussion the hunter will be put at ease and his decision would be easy. The cost advantage for the visiting hunter is distinct as the actual price is normally lower than back home. Furthermore, should a hunter choose to have his trophies dipped and shipped in a raw form, the cost of documentation, crating, road transport and freight could inflate the price of the final product in the country of destination.
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