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Fishing trips in Wales: United Kingdom: known for surreal fox drag and trail hunting, vivacious trout river fishing

Wales, the land of the mythical red dragon is riddled with untamed tundra and defended by large snow capped mountains. With valleys of puzzled to create amazing trails, fox drag and trail hunting is exceptional. Accompanied by borders of impeccably trained foxhounds that set the scene with echoes of barks, the hunt is on. Sprints across the field, over the mounded streams and dashed through the forest, the adrenalin never leaves and pumps your body with energy far beyond your point of exhaustion. An art in itself, the fox hunts are prestigious and of the highest quality. Often mysticized with fog, Wales is not short of endless miles of rivers and its tributaries. The Teifi distincts itself as the queen river, its wilderness knows no boundaries and it's waters nonetheless. Slipping over cliffs and cascading down the mountains, the River Teifi knows no match in Wales for its game fishing. There are whopping salmon, trout and sea trout bustling through with grayling lost in between. Hardly fans of a second chance, the trout here don't play and mean serious besides, trust fly-fishing over nymph for the best results. The Teifi Estuary is the body and blood of Northern Ireland, it forest creatures with curious birds, and electric fish with menacing seals. Finally, the River brings all its power straight to the hands of the angler as they tighten around the rod and the hands of riders twisted with reins.

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