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Fishing trips in United States: known for whitetail deer stalking across mountainscapes, and prime tarpon trolling off the Florida Coast.

In common American style, the USA has big offers and choices, its most popular being the whitetail and mule deer, hunted by stalking with a rifle or even bow and arrow. The scope is endless with places like the Colorado plains or the high-rise forests of Utah. You can either walk out and hunt in the same day during its long seasons, or take one week to stalk, identify and meticulously plan which buck to pick for your ideal trophy.

Head over to Maine for some prime wild turkey hunting, done primarily with calls to lure them in. This state holds its pride on hosting one of the best wild turkey populations.

Anglers will have anything they could dream of in the USA, it is only a matter of finding out where. Starting with open sea trophy marlin or dolphin in the Florida Keys, rally onto fly-fishing fantastic trout on the Salmon River in New York, and finish with drifting along to Cape Hatteras in South Carolina for massive redfish at over 90 pounds.

The USA is home to some of the world’s largest natural wonders like the Grand Canyon or Yosemite Park and within these marvels in every corner of every river, it is loaded with tarpon and redfish, or even out in the Gulf with splendid sailfish and king mackerel. By water or land, the USA is not called the Land of the Free for no reason, its wildlife is bustling with life and riveting with choices.

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