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Spinning, Fly fishing, Fresh water fishing, Game fishing, Ice fishing, Spearfishing

Trout are as diverse as the lands they are found in.

Small, dark, reddish brook trout of the Appellations are as breathless as big sea-run Rainbows, called steelhead that flaunt a pure silver color pattern after their time in the ocean.

Indisputably, trout may have caused more call-in-sick (cough: “sick”) days than any other fish species out there. Because they need clean, cool water, they typically are found in pristine water; surrounded by unbeatable nature flushed with an aquaculture any child or adult could be dazzled with for days.

To put it briefly, trout have good taste and those that fish for them have good taste too.

It pays to know the characteristics of the water including local entomology, water temperatures and natural obstructions, every trout is spookier than the next one. Around the world anglers have an opportunity to fish for this beloved Salmonidae with a variety of new and old tackle and tactics including spin fishing, fly fishing and tenkara.

If you are lucky, a chance to fight and land a trout, such as a Steelhead will have a lifelong lasting impression on you- until your next sick day, that is!

Basic Info

Varieties: Brown Trout, Cutthroat Trout ,lake Trout , Rainbow Trout , Apache Trout, Brook Trout, Tiger Trout, Bull Trout, Golden Trout, Seatrout Trout, Spotted Seatrout Trout, Dolly Varden Trout, Steelhead Trout

Scientific name: Oncorhynchus

Size: 51 – 76 cm

Weight: 3.6 kg

Lifespan: 6 years

Methods: Spinning, Fly fishing, Fresh water fishing, Game fishing, Ice fishing, Spearfishing

Continent(s): North America, Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand