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Tres Amigos Outfitters

The owner says

We’re focused in providing a superior service. From the booking stage, doing all the necessary arrangements (as well as every requirement our guests ask for) to the time to make real the fishing trip you’ve dreamed of.


Location: Tres Amigos Outfitters is situated in Rio Gallegos city in Santa Cruz Province of Argetina offering numerous fishing opportunities in Argentina.

About your host at Tres Amigos Outfitters: Team, Tres Amigos Outfitters. This is about a team of guides/instructors, with an extensive world-class career, consolidated as an Outfitter, specialized in some of the most important destinations/species in South Patagonia. We’re focused in providing a superior service. From the booking stage, doing all the necessary arrangements (as well as every requirement our guests ask for) to the time to make real the fishing trip you’ve dreamed of. Our service is the result of all the experience gained after two decades guiding (with over a thousand guests) and managing lodges in Argentina and abroad.

Fishing experience at Tres Amigos Outfitters: Tres Amigos Outfitters offers fishing programs in four destinations, namely:

  • Santa Cruz: This mighty river is home to the only steelhead run on the whole Atlantic coast. From late February till May chrome bright steelhead enter this river from the ocean in huge numbers. We based our operation at Los Plateados lodge, located next to the most productive stretch of this river.
  • Glacier King: Every year Chinook Salmon go upriver from the Atlantic Ocean to reach arrive these pristine waters. The river has an stable colony of King Salmon that amazes by its number. The weight of these fish go up to 50 lb and bigger! Located inside "Glaciers National Park” on a privileged spot, almost impossible to get by foot or any vehicle.
  • Route of the Spring Creeks: These rivers are small and demand a lot of different techniques to catch their fish. All of these rivers have been outside of the fishermen radar, one of the main reasons why they keep such a good population of brooks and browns.
  • Eagle Valley: This amazing fishery consists of two separate lakes connected by a 2 mile long stream. The average weight of these fish today is between 6-8 lb with plenty of even larger fish around.

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Planning your trip to Tres Amigos Outfitters

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