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Best Fly Fishing Spots in Chile

"known for its world-class Brown and Rainbow Trout in Patagonia"

To the Fly fisherman, Chile is one of the top countries on one's bucket list. The abundance of fish in the rivers and streams will make sure your fly fishing adventure in the country will be an absolute succes. Fly Fishing in Chile is done during the summer months starting in September and closing in late April. This destination is ideal for the fly fishing enthousiasts suffering from withdrawal symptoms during the very cold winter months on the Northern Hemisphere. Most of the fishing lodges are privately owned by foreign fishing enthousiast that have lost their heart to the virtually untouched, rough landscapes and rivers that Chile has an abundance of. These guides are also eager to make sure you land enough fish that you will want to come back, year after year.

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Basic Info

Trout Season: September - April

Trout Species: Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout