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If stalking on land isn’t enough, underwater spear fishing is the ultimate adrenaline rush. Used and improved over many centuries, spear fishing is a fishing method admired among talented diving anglers and used to catch many different saltwater species.

Looking for a big adrenaline rush that is easier to pack for than a quick trip up Mt. Everest? Look no more; spearfishing is just the right sport for some serious adrenaline surges. Passed down through hundreds of generations, spearfishing has brought food to the table for many, many families. Today the power and style of modern spearfishing equipment may make a native Polynesian as confused as a kid on the first day of kindergarten, but the breath-consuming, heart-pumping stalk underwater remains the same. Typical, modern spearfishing guns today still use traditional elastic powered equipment to push and propel the spear. Some use Co2, like an air-powered speargun for bigger species such as wahoo or a monster grouper. If a submerged stalk for fish with a loaded speargun in hand sounds easy to you, spearfishing will come very natural. For the rest, it takes many tests of nerve, accuracy and athleticism to successfully and regularly hunt great fish like some of the best, ancient fishermen of another time.

Basic Info

For spear fishing, you will need either a wooden, pneumatic or metal speargun, depending on local regulations and target species. Besides the gun and spear, a wetsuit, mask and goggles, knife, weighted belt (when needed to fight buoyancy), and fins are necessary spear fishing items. Also, unless you are a complete professional, spear fish with a friend and always use a dive flag.