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Spinning, Fly fishing, Fresh water fishing, Ice fishing, Spearfishing

Going on a catfish mission is a classic. Fishing for catfish involves trips that usually ended with great excitement or peals of laugther as one managed to catch a catfish  “the size of pickle barrels”! It is a particular, whiskery and sensitive fish to fish especially if one wants to go for it at the breathtaking Amazon basin. Though some catfish are found in brackish salt water, the majority of the 2,900 subspecies are freshwater dwellers and can be found throughout the world. Being coined a typical bottom feeder, catfish have a broad diet; eating everything from small animals, insects and plant matter. Their adaptability to food sources has keep them a strong survivor for thousands of years but can be a pretty easy catch to the talented angler. Primarily with a bass , spin rod, catfish trolling and drifting is a great way to bounce live or artificial bait on the water's floor. The “big three” of the North American catfish species include the flathead, channel and blue, all except the channel catfish with records exceeding 45 kilograms. In Spain Catfish have been caught in a line well over 2m and weighing over 100kilograms and in the Mekong river worlds heaviest catfish has been caught just under 300 kilograms with a hook. Beautiful lodges found along the amazon basin add an mystery element to the whole fishing trip, rendering it an unforgettable experience. Rivers abundant with catfish make any adventurous angler feel like the difficult trip worth it at the end of the day. Trophy catfish are rare but possible and make an addicting day out on a boat slowly cruising a lake or a river for the whiskery cats of the waterworld.

Basic Info

varieties: Flathead,  Red Tail, Flat Whiskered, Channel, Blue, White, Sharptoothed, gilded

Scientific name: Siluriformes

Size: 1.2 – 1.6 m, up to 2.5 m, rare

Weight: 100 kg

Lifespan: 60 years

Methods: Spinning, Fly fishing, Fresh water fishing, Ice fishing, Spearfishing

Continent(s): Worldwide in freshwater and coastal waters, with the exception of the Arctic

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