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Fly fishing is a fishing method using exclusively artificial bait patterns to lure a fish to bite. Staying away from more modern fishing technologies, fly fishing enthusiasts try to imitate local food devoured by the targeted fish species both in their ‘bait’ pattern and how it acts within water.

While many turn to the latest lures, fish attractors and power bait and other accessories, many anglers shift their attention to small hooked flies, worms and terrestrial artificial bait patterns. Fly fishing is a method of fishing with growing interest among anglers looking for a new challenge to catch fish (like trout). Targeting fish big and small, freshwater trout or saltwater species, it is a style of fishing with differet techniques that is found all over the world. Fly fishing took off in the UK over 200 years ago but the fever for the little feathered flies has spread to all corners of the world in the recent century. Tenkara, a form of fishing technique from Japan using artificial, small flies is very similar and often associated with fly fishing- it's like fly fishing but simplified. Brown trout were introduced in the 19th century to Argentina, New Zealand, and beyond where fly fishing enthusiasts from England would relish in the new brown trout fisheries; trout being the main, favorite species to pursue with a fly rod. Today there is a plethora of literature and guides/help offering tricks to hook all sorts of species. Anything from small mouth bass, carp, and sea bass to wahoo and tarpon can be caught on the fly and there are dozens of stories to prove it. Though it is not always easy, fly fishing is an effective method of fishing well worth the time to learn. To know more about fly fishing one can take help of articles available online like Fly Fishing for Beginners etc.

Basic Info

Fly rods between a 00 and 3 weight are used for small fish species like panfish; 5 to 7 weight rods are best for trout or mid-sized fish while rod sizes up to a 14 are used on large fish- hooking into tuna and even marlin on a fly rod. Depending on the target species, you will need essentially either sinking or floating line. Sinking line will bring the fly to deep depths and is used in lake fishing. Floating line allows the fly to stay either on the water or below the water’s surface, again, depending on the conditions and what type of fish you are targeting.