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Fishing trips in Samoa: known for record marlin and yellowfin tuna, wild pig hunting like you’ve never seen

Just south of the equator is Samoa, an island overlooked by tourism, completely primitive in the best of ways. Its deserted golden beaches sizzle under the sun, the sound of soft waves crushing the sand breaks the silence. Its popularity among anglers travels across the world, if there’s ever a location to heave a rod-bending marlin it’s here.

Drawn in by the high volume population of skipjack and yellowfin, there are sailfish, wahoo and barracuda brisking through the waters. The reefs a stunning display of marine life, where fish of all colours and shapes vanish between the corals, a natural playground for giant trevally, mahi-mahi and the strength testing dogtooth tuna. Samoa has many secrets hidden in the tropical vegetation of its forests. There are turquoise water lakes at the bottom of stunning waterfalls, breathtaking lagoons in grottos perfect for a swim under the year-round hot weather.

These places are home to wild pigs, with the help of locals in a strictly casual fashion, these pigs are hunted weekly. Surrounded by howling dogs, the hunts are made through walks across the forest, chomping through the plantations and vegetation in search for pig tracks. At the sight of agitation, a pig screeches in a few meters ahead, spotted by the dogs. In a split second, you run, engaged, tackled and spear or shoot the pig. At the drop of the pigs squeal, the hunt is over, the dogs sooth and you regain your senses, overwhelmed with adrenaline. Samoa will keep you on your feet and make memories for a lifetime in a premier tropical destination.

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