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Fishing trips in Quebec: Canada: known for hunting massive moose with calling, fishing for Arctic char and salmon

Quebec is home to some of the most beautiful animals for hunting, the revered caribou, the powerful moose and the ever present elegant deer. Anticosti Island is natural whitetail deer hub on the eastern side of the province. The Arctic tundra is an experience every hunter should explore, a sight of nature few people are lucky enough to behold, these lands are true to their original natural design. Caribou can be seen travelling and wandering all throughout providing ample opportunities for that perfect shot at that trophy bull every hunter desires and needs. Hunting moose is a completely different ball game, rooted in tradition, calling is most common during the rut. During the rest of the season, hunting moose is done from blinds which most likely are generations old and a rustic insight to older times. Quebec calls for anglers across the seas, offering unmissable fly and spinning fishing for walleye, smallmouth bass, lake trout, landlocked salmon and Arctic char amongst many other species. The Abitibi Region is widely recognised as the most promising destination for fishing with over 22,000 rivers and lakes overflowing with lake trout, brook trout and walleye.

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