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"Pole fishing is a silent but deadly way to effectively catch fish. By using a long pole with a simple line attached at the end, bait is silently dropped down to an intended location. The angler retrieves the fish by easily bringing in and breaking down the extended pole."

Adding distance to power, pole fishing is an effective fishing method for many freshwater species. Typical of stillwater fishing, pole fishing is a fantastic and accurate way to fish ponds, lakes and slow moving rivers. Pole fishing is done from the shore, with simple bait, either live bait, corn mixes or small jigs attached to a long pole- in the ballpark of 10 to 20 meters long. Used with or without a feeding box to attract cruising fish, bait attached to the set, stationary pole's line will get attention from a fish searching in various water columns for food. Typically, the angler will learn the depth of the fishery and adjust the bait to stay just off the bottom if going after bottom-feeding species. Once hooked, the fish is easy to retrieve, just a simple swing out of the water, back towards the angler and the hot pursuit is over. Unless at the end of the line is an unhappy carp, that is. Careful steering is necessary to bring the fish away from obstacles or thick vegetation that can snag line and let the fish go free. Though simple in theory, it is a well rehearsed and extremely effective method of fishing that continues to attract anglers around the world.

Basic Info

Pole fishing can be effective with a pole anywhere from 6 to 18 meters in length made out of lightweight carbon fiber or balsa wood. Connected by sections, the final section or tip attaches to an elastic band then a line. Simple rigs using various amounts of split-shot and fishing line attach the bait, typically either worms, corn or commercially made pellets. Additionally, having a water topography map for the area, a creel or bucket for caught fish, a small stool or chair, and a special pole roller are useful equipment to have when pole fishing.