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Fishing trips in Papua New Guinea: known for rusa deer stalking and bowhunting, fishing of the relentless river tiger.

Papua New Guinea challenges the concept of wild beauty with its landscape, a country so large there are multiple indigenous tribes utterly unaware of each other with each their own customs and languages. This land has hardly been treaded on by the modern man with areas utterly remote. Wildlife has learned to fully inhabit these areas in full throttle, here free-ranging asiatic water buffalo grow to huge sizes, becoming prime examples of their kind.

Sambar deer, one of the largest deer on earth, has a very strong population here. The deer are always a challenge and thoroughly exciting to hunt, if not for their sheer size and elegant beauty, then for the skill and attention required for tracking and stalking to obtain the perfect shot. This sort of precision is also found in another form of hunting, a primitive tool adapted to modern mechanics, the compound bow. With rusa deer as your main target, expect to find yourself submerged in the wilderness, surrounded by mountains with water crashing in the distant waterfalls.

Silence and observation become your most important assets. Having such isolated terrains of wilderness also means its rivers are ripe with fish. The ever popular Papua New Guinea black bass can be found lurking in the deep rivers of the jungle. Not one of curious nature, the black bass is hard to entertain onto a hook which makes it even more exciting to fish. The river tiger is also unmatched throughout the world, it is tenacious, persistent and resistant to say the least and will test even the most experienced anglers. Its coastal waters are also booming with large life forms, from dogtooth tuna to marlin and sailfish, the opportunities are endless in these crystal waters.

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