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Pansion "Saraj"

The owner says

Pension " saraj " is placed in small town named kulen vakuf on river una, 46 kilometres away from center of north - west bosnia & herzegovina, city of bihac. it is owned by handzic family, ismeta and besim.

The pension is situated in a natural ambience, on a very riverside of the una, the most beautiful river in the world. area that pension "saraj" encopasses is 2500 m2, which includes pension, parking lot and garage. pension is 100 meters away from riverside of una, surrounded with green area, which gives a look of real oasis.we dispose of our own beach on una so as sport terrain, trim runway with possibility of driving bicycle. our guests are people from every part of the world. many of them are our usual guests, that come back every year at the same place to enjoy again in what pension "saraj" can offer, so as it's environment.

Pension "saraj" is situated in a beautiful area that offers joy, relaxation and recreation for everybody that visits this landscape. it is situated in small, but pretty town named kulen vakuf, which is placed on left and right shore of river una. above it, two medieval cities, ostrovica on a west side and havala on east side upraise. also, beyond kulen vakuf, natural beauties are outspreading and offering hiking lovers to enjoy in what this area has to provide. getaway to, already mentioned medieval cities, gives you fantastic view to nature that you can only imagine.

Special charm gives river una. una - "the only one" as it was called by the old romans, is literary one of the most beautiful rivers in world. it rises in srb, in neighboring country croatia, then by it's 214 kilometers length runs trough kulen vakuf, ripac, bihac, bosanska kupa, bosanski novi. next to jasenovac it inflow in sava river. it is 7,5 - 120 meters width and 1 - 6 meters deep. it is enriched with brook and californian trout fish, which is one of the most important reasons for fishermen to come back and to enjoy in good catch of fish so as in beauty of river. una is not paradise just for fishermen, but also for other nature lovers, because of her rapids, waterfalls, clarity and pureness, which is real relaxation for eyes. una also offers opportunity for rafting, vessel ride and walk down the riverside and enjoyment in river's beauties.exept kulen vakuf and part of una that runs through it, there is possibility for picnic in nearby places named martin brod and strbacki buk.martin brod is small, charming village, 8 kilometers upstream from kulen vakuf. it lays on two rivers. una river, that stretches through whole village making handful waterfalls, effluents, tuff cascades and unac river, that runs on the east side and makes strong confluent to river una.

It is worth to visit martin brod because of refreshment. it is the most liked by fishermen and people that loves to spend their holiday in nature. martin brod is small plitvice lakes, said many that visited that place.several kilometers downstream from kulen vakuf, strbacki buk is situated. it is assemblage of several waterfalls, very close one to another. the biggest waterfall is 25 meters tall and represents magnificent picture that can be enjoyed for hours. those natural waterfalls constitute unique value, that attracts numerous lovers of natural beauty to una, but also fishermen and artists that are seeking inspiration for their art works.every year traditional una regattas undergo kulen vakuf. at that time, nature lovers enjoy in wild water rafting. also, every year, traditionally is organized international contest with midge fishing rod for fishing trout.fishing compounds are places in kulen vakuf on river una, so as in nearby martin brod on river unac, but also is possible to visit fishing compound on river klokot near bihac. everything above mentioned is just a try to describe natural beauty that is surrounding pension "saraj" with words.

Real complacence can be felt only if you come personally and visit everything described above, so as much more. una-kulen vakuftotal length of the flow, of river una is about 212 kilometers,a river has its wellspring nearby places of donja suvaja and donji lapac below the slopes of mountains pljesevica and strazbenice in the republic of croatia in lika and gets joined with the river sava next to jasenovac. climate next to una river is continental. during the dry summer months the river unu characterize low water level but from november until the end of spring river water level is quite high and often floods are seen .

At the starting point una has the characteristics of mountain river, and all the way to martinbroda una has the first category of quality of water. all the way to bihaca una flows in direction of dinara from the southeast towards the northwest, after that a stream of the river turns towards the north-east and it still runs deep, inside wide valley, where quality of water differs.hunting measures: river trout 50 cm, rainbow trout 45 cm, graft 70 cm, grayling 40 cm. daily permits for citizens of bosnia and herzegovina - eur 21.00, daily permits for foreign nationals - eur 26.00, an annual permit for citizens of bosnia and herzegovina - 385.00 eur, annual permits for foreign nationals - eur 513.00. ribnik ribnik rivers flowing beneath srnetice mountains above the village of gornji ribnik from two powerful springs. further, during the flow, river coast is becoming waxily and coverd with soil. water plants and algae take up more than 50% of river bottom.

It is easily accessible to all parts of its flow.it is rich in trout and grayling. fishing price permit for domestic guests (bih) - one 25km and vikend 50km; foreign guests - one vikend 25e and 50e. three-month permit for all guests is 100 €, while annual permits for all guests is 200 €.klokotfishing resort length is about 3 km. klokot is left tributary of river una, with the 10 kilometers distance from the city of bihaca. wideness of the river is 10-12 meters and depth around 1.5 meter. the water temperature: 6-14 c°. fish available: rainbow trout, river trout, grayling, and in the lower stream of klokot there are pike fish and graft.this fishing resort is open from 01.03. to 31.12. it is allowed to take one fish (rainbow trout min. 45cm.) representation of fish: 60% rainbow trout, 30% river trout, 10% grayling.unacfishing resort length is about 3 km. it is the right tributary of river una, distanced from the city of bihaca around 50 kilometers. this fishnig resort is located in martin brod. wideness of the river is 20 meters, and the depth is between 0.5 meters and 4 meters. water temperature differs from 6 to 12.5 c°. the fish riches: rainbow trout, river trout and grayling. this resort is open from 01.03 to 31.12. it is allowed to take one fish(rainbow trout min.45 cm.) representation of fish: 40% rainbow trout, 30% river trout, 30% grayling.sanicafishing resort length is about 2.5 km.

Sanica is left tributary to rivers sana, 97 kilometers distanced from bihaca and is located in place called sanica. width of the river resort is about 10 meters and the depth from 0.2 to 1 meter. the water temperature: 8 to 14 c°. the fish riches: grayling, river trout, and in the lower part there are sometimes pike and graft. resort is open from 01.03 to 31.12. it is allowed to take one fish (graylin of min. 35cm or river trout min. 40cm.) representation of fish: 70% grayling, 30% river trout. price of fishing permits for sanica resort is 20 euros per day, while fishing outside revira daily permit 10 km.krusnicaresort is settled with grayling and river trout.ranching was made in may 2007 with grayling and river trout 30-70 cm long.on this resort it is allowed to fish only with fly fishing gear, with regular hooks.system is "caught and released".

It is allowed to take grayling over 50 cm. revir is long 15 km from source of una to the most beautiful waterfall in bosnia and herzegovina Štrbački buk.type of fish is trout, grayling, rainbow trout, northern pike.apart from the rich gastronomic offer we also offer entertainment like biking,hiking, soccer, volleyball, swimming, rafting, visits to ancient monuments! fishing license is necessary. price list of fishing license: one day - 20 eurthree days -50 eurfive days - 70 eur

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