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Fishing trips in Malaysia: known for

Provincial wild boar hunting and big league giant snakehead fishing

Very much like a tropical garden of colossal proportions, radiant with life and sparkling water, Malaysia has always been a bucket list destination for many. Be it just a day trip for hunting or a prolonged hunting/fishing trip, this beautiful country has a lot to offer. For hunters its has a very selective style of hunting, rural and rough around the edges. With mostly the use of shotguns, with the help of beaters, the locals will use trained breedless dogs to track down wild boars. Like a right of passage, beaters later become hunters. Hunting here is very central to an experience is rustic hunting where numbers and quality of game is overshadowed by the sheer fun and worry-free form of hunting.

Angling on the other hand maintains its structure with its key players being the mahseer, giant snakehead and jungle perch fish species. The giant snakehead remains the main focus of freshwater fish, its aggressive nature and large body renders it one of the most desirable water catches of anglers worldwide. Malaysia currently has the largest population of giant snake fish in Southeast Asia, calling much attention from novice and veteran fishermen alike. In the same level, sailfishing in Kuala Rompin which is located on the South-East coast of the Malaysian Peninsula is exceptional, possible even with a flyrod and coming in tremendous sizes, perfect for a wonderful day of fishing. Malaysia exalts in many forms of fishing from jigging to popping and trolling, but the fish remain steady and sturdy with black marlin, giant trevally, dorado and cobia just to name a few. The country with is beautiful landscape, mesmerizing bodies of water attracts travellers globally and is one of the most favorite destinations of an adventure seeker. Visit Malaysia to have a great time while fishing! Catch Fish and have an unforgettable experience! 

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