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Fishing trips in India: known for river fishing for golden mahseer fish

It is hard to believe there is a country with such a vast and beautiful spread of wild creatures from the awe bearing Asiatic lion, to the imposing Asian elephant, Bengal tiger or even the curious yaks in the Himalayas. Wildlife is beyond abundant and this applies to all of India's flora and fauna so evidently flourishing.

The Corbett National Park hides the striped beast that is the Bengal tiger, but the Ramganga River also flows full of life with monster goonch and brown trout. Night fishing is also a technique very much practiced in India, especially in Pancheshwar, evident by its annual International Angling Competition.

The Pabbar River is where the knowers travel to for the shimmering golden mahseer, the river branching into smaller capillaries but heavy with catfish, rohu, and brown trout. For a far more authentic Indian experience, use a traditional boat to target coastal fishes like tuna, sardines, and mackerel. To admire India’s pride, it is not only the huge mahseer fish but also its unique tropical selection of flying fin, red snapper, butterflyfish and parrotfish.

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