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Someone bitten by the fishing bug, or more simply, a fishing enthusiast, is someone who enjoys recreational or game fishing. Game fishing can be enjoyed locally or in some of the most remote places in the world, as it can target both fresh and saltwater species. Unlike commercial fishing, game fishing often is for sporting purposes only, practicing catch-and-release fishing methods.

Anywhere you go around the world, local anglers will explain a different story and a different definition to game fishing. To some, game fishing is purely trout and salmon fishing. To others, it is the big fighting fish of the ocean such as marlin or tarpon that claim that title. Gamefish can be any fish that can be caught in a style not used in commercial fishing. Many anglers use catch and release methods when game fishing when either the fish is undesirable to eat or is a species with declining population numbers. Either way, game fishing is the lifelong challenge of catching the biggest fish. Head offshore for some serious big-game fishing using chunks of bait the size of softballs or grab a fly fishing rod to catch a trophy brown trout. A diverse adventure, game fishing brings anglers around the world for a race to catch that 'dream fish'.

Basic Info

All tackle used in recreational fishing may be used in game fishing. Either by spinning,pole or fly rod, using live or artificial baits and lures, game fishing is enjoyed in an exponential number of ways. Saltwater game fishing will require deep, offshore weighted lines and rigs, employing trolling boats, fish finders, chum and sometimes an assistant with a well-used gaff. Freshwater game fishing may also require a boat, canoe or kayak with a fish finder, using deep, sinking lines, mid-water weighted lines or surface, floating lines to target different species of fish.