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Fly fishing in the Seychelles: known for fantastic shallow fishing for bonefish and sailfish

The underwater fish cities are almost overpopulated with exotic species attracting big bottom feeders like trevallies, sailfish, and black marlin. Trolling the edge of the cliffs, along the coast of the many islands of Seychelles you’ll see that dogtooth tuna and amberjacks reach incredible sizes. An ocean of infinite possibility, taking to the deep seas will bring you face to face with huge yellowfin tuna and blue marlin.

With such a varied mix of techniques, anglers will even spin and fly-fish on the shore reefs and shallow waters with excellent results in bonefish and milkfish. Seychelles would be wasted without going out and swimming with the regal whale sharks, or watching the hatching of hundreds of baby sea turtles and their waddling to the ocean in complete safety as a protected species.

Basic Info

Fly rods between a 00 and 3 weight are used for small fish species like panfish; 5 to 7 weight rods are best for trout or mid-sized fish while rod sizes up to a 14 are used on large fish- hooking into tuna and even marlin on a fly rod. Depending on the target species, you will need essentially either sinking or floating line. Sinking line will bring the fly to deep depths and is used in lake fishing. Floating line allows the fly to stay either on the water or below the water’s surface, again, depending on the conditions and what type of fish you are targeting.