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Spinning, Fly fishing, Fresh water fishing, Game fishing

The highly sought after and elusive fish Golden Dorado used to be the dream whose existence couldn’t be confirmed but just hopefully spoken about in the South American fisheries a long time ago. Initially their identity used to be confused with the saltwater species also called Dorado, but this predator species which derives its name from its body blessed by Midas himself is a freshwater fish which fishermen all over the world hope to catch one day. It is also called as ‘Tiger Fish’ and it can be found in the rivers of Amazon, thriving every day, daring angler to catch and release it. Though several Anglers prefer the ‘Catch Release’ method while fishing for this mysterious beauty, many enjoy the fight that this game fish manages to put up before letting itself being captured and want to keep the trophy for themselves.

This mighty fish is wonderfully large and has a powerful body which could be attributed to the motley crew of small fish like Sabalo, amphibians, birds and mammals found in the beautiful environment of Amazon. Just like its freshwater brother trout, the golden dorado needs clean fresh water and can thrive better in both calm and turbulent water streams alike. One cannot ask for a better game fish than this one which exists in beautiful, remote, awe-inducing areas. Special fishing trips are made to countries like Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia all over the year to search for this valuable game and people love the feel of their hooks gripping into this fighter of a gold fish using the light spinning tackle in case they want a better fight or the ever dependable fly rod and streamer collection to get their hands on the dorado right away. Any adventurous angler would never miss out on an opportunity to hunt for the Golden Dorado!

Basic Info

Scientific name: Salminus brasiliensis

Size: up to 100 cm

Weight: up to 31.4 kg

Lifespan: up to 9 years

Methods: Spinning, Fly fishing, Fresh water fishing, Game fishing

Continent(s): South America