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Fishing trips in Colorado: United States: known for stalking incredible elk bulls and fly fishing gold medal waters for wild trout

Colorado is nothing short than any hunter or angler’s paradise. Unbelievable hikes speak of majestic creation and blossoming wildlife. Often labelled the most incredible horse riding destination, its landscapes steal your breath and its visions burn into a memory of forever more. Colorado has the largest elk population in the world and it does not come as a surprise that it offers some of the best elk hunting. Hunting can be expect to include mule deer and pronghorn antelope, in which the preferred hunting method is spot and stalk with rifle or rut. Frozen, off the side of the aspen meadow, silhouetted by the last rays of light, a large elk bull stares right ahead, suspicion taking over his body. It's your moment for the shot. Will you take it? Blushed with purple flowers, its fields and rolling hills are adorned by rivers and lakes. The quality of fishing is incredible, the standards are set high as many of these waters were awarded the gold medal. From fresh alpine waters, to tranquil lakes at the base of impressive mountains, anglers will find something for all levels of experience. The Roaring Fork Valley is a popular choice, as one of the longest stretches of gold medal water, they are alive with wild trout and pike. To survive its aggressive waters and strong currents the trout caught there are strong of monster sizes. Colorado also offers fantastic fly fishing opportunities for smallmouth bass, northern pike, salmon and walleye.

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