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"Coarse fishing is a term to describe fishing for non-salmonid freshwater fish such as perch, carp or pike. Coarse fishing everywhere from small rivers to man-made ponds makes for an excellent day trip or destination adventure at an affordable price. "

Many will argue that there is no better way to spend a day than to grab some tackle and go fishing. Coarse fishing is used to describe all types of angling that is not for game fish (gamefish in this sense meaning salmonids, or salmon, trout and char). If you are fishing for carp, bass, perch or any other freshwater species that isn't a salmonid, then you are coarse fishing. Coarse fish species most often have large scales, with the exclusion of catfish and some carp subspecies. This style of fishing is enjoyed all around the world in freshwater fisheries. Many estates throughout Europe offer coarse fishing packages that will have the angler busy fishing for perch, rudd, tench and many other attractive species. All fishing techniques can be used in coarse fishing with the most common being spin, pole, float and fly fishing. Spend a day on a pond, river, or lake and enjoy coarse fishing with friends and family; you won't regret it!

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