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Chew Valley Lake

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For over 100 years our lakes have given anglers the opportunity to enjoy fly fishing close to nature in peaceful surroundings. We strive to make our lakes an enjoyable day out at affordable prices and believe that we are very fortunate to operate lakes in such unique settings.

Every year our dedicated fisheries staff use their skill and experience to rear 110, 000 quality rainbow and brown trout to populate our reservoirs. These high quality trout are reared from ova to stocking size within our own facilities giving us complete control over their health and condition. Bristol Water Fisheries are confident that the physical appearance and fighting prowess of our trout is second to none.


Location: Chew Valley Lake is situated in Bristol, a city of England and has been offering fishing opportunities to international anglers for over 100 years. 

About your host at Chew Valley Lake: Alan Dymock, Operational Manager. Alan was born and raised in the Yeo Valley, close to the banks of Blagdon Lake. He started with Bristol Water in 1978 working on the estates before moving over to fisheries in 1982 where he concentrated mainly on the fish rearing aspect of the department. Since 2008 Alan has been the Operational Manager for the fish farming facilities and uses his 35 years experience to ensure top quality rainbow and brown trout are available for stocking throughout the season.

­­­­­­Fishing experience at Chew Valley Lake: Chew Valley is well renowned for its scenic beauty and top quality fly fishing. The size and condition of the trout caught here is second to none and anglers find success using a wide variety of fishing methods and fly patterns making it a popular competition venue. Opened in 1956 Chew is a relatively shallow reservoir with an average depth of only 14ft at top level and a maximum depth of just 37ft. The area it covers, once rich farmland, is now fertile ground for the aquatic life necessary for sustaining quality trout fishing. Click here for quick link country guide.

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