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Carp Fishing, Coarse fishing, Fly fishing, Fresh water fishing,

Once in a blue moon, there are stories of little kids, going fishing with dad or grandpa and the kid hooks a huge fish, on their tiny fishing pole.

It always ends in an unforgettable story and typically a huge, unsuspecting carp fighting on the end of the line.

Besides the lucky worm-thrower, there are an uncountable amount of ways to fish for carp, known as the 'golden ghost' to some die-hards.

Carp are more or less caught from rivers, lakes, drainage systems, and small streams all around the world. It is a tough fish, surviving well in warm, unfavourable water conditions and tolerating their habitats with a diverse appetite.

You can catch carp on sweet corn, dog food, worms or homemade carp bait called boilies to begin with. Or try a favoured carp fly such as a wolley bugger, egg fly or crayfish.
The number of ways to fish for carp are endless, so long as you can get the bait down to the ground and fool the wary, big-eyed carp. If he takes what you are presenting in front of him, and you have convinced a spooky carp to take your bait, be ready for a quick fight.

Carp get funny and creative in their fights!

Basic Info

Scientific name: Cyprinus carpio

Size: common length 40 – 80 cm

Weight: 2 – 14 kg

Lifespan: 30 years

Methods: Carp Fishing, Coarse fishing, Fly fishing, Fresh water fishing, Ice fishing, Spearfishing

Continent(s): Worldwide