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"Regardless of the weather, hidden inside a portable ice shack, both predatory and prey species can be sought for through the ice with very traditional ice fishing methods passed down through generations of die-hard ice fishermen."

You might think to yourself, “What is the big deal about ice fishing?” when you should be asking, “Where are we going to lock in on a big muskie or pike in January?” Ice fishing is a chilly treat to those that know how to surround themselves with silent scenery and good company. Each year thousands, if not millions of holes are drilled into inches-thick ice to offer dangling treats in uncomfortable winter water temperatures to either prey or predatory fish species. Between checking lines, food and beverage supplies and trading a handful of unbelievable fishing stories, ice fishing experts come home with plenty of panfish or pike. If not, a day out on the ice is much better than a day at the office! Simple, shortened rods for ice fishing are most commonly used. They fit the dimensions of a compact ice fishing shack while still allowing plenty of line to be released down into the hole in the ice. Typically bait, weighted lures, and a few attachable weights are are effective in attracting the local Lochness monster to bite. Ice drilling augers, transportable, insulated ice shacks, and a few snowmobiles to zip around the ice on are also great investments for the regular ice fishing master.

Basic Info

Dressing warm and using hand and feet warmers when ice fishing is a no-brainer. Ice fishing requires an auger to drill through the ice, ice scoop, a covered bucket (acting as both a bait well and chair), ultralight ice fishing rod, and an ice fishing tip-up. Also recommended is a portable ice fishing shelter, an emergency throw rope and topography map of the fishery. To top off the list, a snowmobile and a few fishing buddies are also are highly recommended when ice fishing. Live bait such as minnows, worms or nightcrawlers are effective when ice fishing as well as large, attractive lures.