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Fishing trips in Canada: known for hunting and Fishing in Canada: First-rate Alaska-Yukon Moose stalks and luxurious fly-fishing and grants all forms of fishing in exemplary fashion.

Canada has an expanse of nature unlike anything you’ve ever seen and offers a great variety of hunting and fishing trips. With big open space comes big trophy game. In Northern Canada, you’re able to target Dall sheep, mountain goat, and Alaska-Yukon moose on the colossal mountain scape of the Mackenzie Mountains. The rest of the world will blur into nothing as you walk the wilderness in stalking missions with your rifle at hand. Locations so remote, you lower from the sky in a thundering helicopter into valleys of bountiful wildlife where you’re introduced to and welcomed by Hungarian partridge, ptarmigan, and ruffed grouse. In Canada, be prepared to encounter rare and extraordinary game at any corner during your stalk, this includes the wolf, black bear, and bison. Canada’s world-class fishing is nothing less than a spectacular untapped supply of fish for all anglers. It spreads through all five species of pacific salmon and steelhead. With freshwater fishing and fly-fishing equally outstanding and abundant, each and every location is a gem of its own. There’s a myriad of freshwater lakes, rivers and streams tracing all through Canada, packed with rainbow trout, brown trout and bass. This quality of fishing stretches throughout the whole country from Yukon to British Columbia and all the way to Quebec. There are splendid forest cottages all throughout, bordering lakes and lively forests, the perfect accommodation for a fruitful trip for hunters and anglers. Canada guarantees a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experience, home to some of the most beautiful settings like the Banff National Park, your experience with the finest moose stalks and leading salmon fishing will make Canada a destination to repeat for any hunting or fishing trip.

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