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Spinning, Fly fishing, Game fishing, Salt water fishing, Spearfishing

If you could name only one fish species not related to the trout that can get a trout purists heart racing, it would be the bonefish.

Bonefish have a secret spot in the hearts of many fly fisherman but the lightening-fast saltwater species has been a saltwater angler's favourite long before the 'Gotcha' fly was invented.

Truth be told, by spinning rod or on the fly, bonefish will have a first-timer addicted to balmy saltwater fishing- hook, line and sinker.

A light to medium-heavy spinning rod or saltwater fly rod to whip patterns across shallow, grassy inshore waters is perfect against the silver darts. Bonefish look small, but fight well against an angler, using their speed to rip line and break away in a flash.

Get your lure down, bonefish typically are looking down for their crunchy snacks, let whatever you are using sink for a few sections before expecting any hits. Besides finding the right depth, bonefish like action, be ready to strip and bring action to your lure or fly, zipping it over miles of open water.

If you haven't yet, connect with a bonefish on a beautiful, tropical coast and see what the 'grey ghost' hook-up is all about!

Basic Info

Scientific name: Albula vulpes

Size: 40 – 100 cm

Weight: 1- 7.5 kg

Lifespan: 10 years

Methods: Spinning, Fly fishing, Game fishing, Salt water fishing, Spearfishing

Continent(s): Pacific Ocean, Atlantic, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico