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Best Tarpon Fishing in Florida: Tarpon are not famous for what they do underwater- it's what they do above the surface that gets the fishing junkies talking.

One gulp. Then two more. It is  tarpon country and one can see this time sighting keys tarpon rising to gulp air into their swim bladders is like seeing piles of good Christmas presents underneath a tree for a pre-schooler. Finding tarpon is half the battle as these fish cruise like hungry maniacs for crab, shrimp and small fish. However, tarpon are not famous for what they do in underwater- it's what they do above the flats surface that gets the fishing junkies talking. Tarpon leap, take a good jump and throw themselves up and out of the water on the flats water surface with heaving, spectacular shows. English Anglers invest in perfect tarpon tackle to take on a fighting tarpon; it's it's worth every penny to see the tarpon rip and soar through the air, breaking physic equations with their surprising hops. Hooking a keys tarpon is a delicate task, their hard mouths make it difficult to properly set the hook. Don't do a big hook set like you see in the movies and let the hooked bait do the work for you. Besides light saltwater spinning or baitcasting tackle, many tarpon enthusiasts fish for them with a light saltwater fly rod or with spearfishing. Tarpon are a special saltwater gamefish well worth the trip to keys warm, tropical waters by the people. This year whenever you plan to tackle the tarpon fishing , plan to visit Charlotte. You can also read the books available online on Tarpon Fishing. Do remember to select the right book by the right author. 

Basic Info

Scientific name: Megalops 

Size: common length 130 cm 

Weight: 161 kg 

Lifespan: 55 years 

Methods: Spinning, Fly fishing, Game fishing, Salt water fishing, Spearfishing