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Fishing trips in Belize: known for stalking large herds of peccary and the defying permit fly-fishing.

Belize’s petite nature hardly contains the deep jungles which cover over 60% of the country. There are endangered species, exotic animals and ancient Mayan ruins making this small country a great destination. Stalks on the white-tailed deer are by far the most popular with its populations central to its forests.

But the more enticing and unique hunt falls on the peccary. Traditionally hunted by stalking, these extraordinary creatures are one of the few left that move in large herds across the forest foraging for food, although treasured for this very factor, they are locally hunted for their rich meat. Yet it’s the gibnut that remains most beloved by the locals for hunting, this curious species is eccentrically active at night making for a fun shoot.

The Belize shoreline plays with tones of cyan and cobalt blue, hiding in its waters are the renown tarpon weighing at 220 lbs, a hard-earned catch for any angler. The abundance of shallow waters attract award-winning bonefish or permit. Spend a long day under the tropical sun, gambling and flying your bait in search for any of these big game species. For a softer and more calculated angling, string along the colour stained barrier reef where you’ll find the delicious red snapper.

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