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Find Your Next Hunting & Fishing Destination

Engage guns and rods
With on-location videos

Capture the magic of your venue with an on-location video.

We are unique in creating spectacular videos by bringing together our intimate knowledge of hunting, fishing and shooting combined with expertise in drone and terrestrial photography.

The videos can be used on your website, across the web and in your promotional material. We also feature on-location videos on Eagle Review and across our social media channels.

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Video is shared 1,200% more on social media than text and images combined.
4 times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product or service than read about it.

Best way to bring your venue to life

Our stunning on-location videos are the best way to bring your venue to life online for prospective guns and rods.

Created and produced by our own in-house team of experienced directors, producers, artists, drone operators and animators, we take care of everything from agreeing a brief to delivering the finished video.

(Hunting, shooting and fishing videos only!)

Contact us to get your video made

email contact@eagle-review.com or call us on +33 6 70 22 56 85 find out more. Contact Us

What they said

The on-location video that Eagle Review produced for us directly delivered 3 bookings for a full line of 8 guns in the first 4 weeks, more than paying back the initial investment.

Chateau de Villette

The best grouse video ever made.

Marcus Grande Absolute Wingshooting

View some of our recent videos

Flying with Grouse

Driven grouse shooting at Whitfield Estate (UK)

Coyolles on the Fly

Fly Fishing for Trout in Coyolles (France)

Chasing Roebucks

Stalking for Roebuck during the rut at Kinnaird Estate (UK)

A Boy's Dream

Driven pheasant, partridge and duck shooting in France

Perdiz Roja

Driven and Walked up Partridge Shooting at Butler del Prado (Spain)

Extreme Pheasants

Extreme driven pheasant shooting at Whitfield estate (UK)

A Scottish Yearling

Red stag stalking at Kinnaird Estate (UK)