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performance based advertising

Cost per click advertising

Spending thousands up front on annoying banner ads can be hit and miss.

So we have launched performance based advertising. We only charge you when we send a potential customer to your page on Eagle Review or your website. Simple and effective!

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With traditional banners there is so much waste. They just get in the way of the customer experience.
I now know that 100% of my spend drives results without getting in the way of the customer experience.

It works like this:

  • We promote you on Eagle Review.
  • We only charge you when a potential customer clicks through to your website or page on Eagle Review.
  • We charge on a cost per click basis.
  • You choose how much you want to spend and can cancel, increase or reduce your spend at any time. No long term contracts.
  • We send you a monthly report showing how many customers we sent to you and where they are from.

Simple and effective!

Contact us to find out more

email contact@eagle-review.com or call us on +33 6 70 22 56 85 Contact Us

What they said

My advertising spend is now much more effective. I know that 100% of my spend delivers relevant customers to my website.

Shoot owner

So simple and effective. Why would I advertise any other way?

Eagle Review customer