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Our team consists of international hunting, shooting and fishing entrepreneurs who have travelled to all corners of the world to find and review their dream destinations.




Coen Stork, CEO and Founder, 57. Educated at Harvard, Oxford and Auckland University. Entrepreneur, French Wine judge. Owner of a succesful shooting estate www.gameshootingfrance.com. Loves stalking, fishing, wild fowling, driven shooting, food and wine.





Thierry Geerts, Shareholder and non-executive, 50. Google Director. Voted Belgian Manager of the year, Voted Belgian Employer of the year. Educated at Brussels University. Serial entrepreneur. Loves theatre, fishing, leading scouts, travelling.





Tom W., Content and Community Manager, 25. Vesalius College (University of Brussels) Graduate. Avid Hunter and field sports enthusiast.  Founder of Eagle Review News. Loves everything shooting/stalking, training his dog and cruising in his World War 2 era Willys jeep.





Stijn Verrept, Chief Technology Officer, 39.  Educated at Brussels University.  Passionate about technology for as long as he can remember.  Loves photography, great food and travelling.  Cook, sushi addict & aspiring latte-art professional.  Motto: There is beauty in simplicity.





Catherine LeClef, Chief Financial Officer, 46. Antwerp University. Hotel owner and runs a successful hospitality business. Interior designer and top chef. Loves flighting duck, driven shooting and cooking.






Floris Stork, Digital Marketing Manager, 52. Amsterdam University. Entrepreneur and nature lover. Runs a successful fishing lake. Loves fly-fishing and stalking.






Francois Gilson, Shareholder and Marketing Consultant, 36, Country Marketing Manager Google, from HEC Liège Business School. Ex-Unilever. Die hard fly fisherman. Loves outdoor activities and Andalusian culture. Personal motto: "If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough".



Backing us are a team of experienced Software Developers, International Copy-Writers and Industry Greats.